Monday, September 12, 2011

Break from standby mode...

... just to tell you some breaking news:

1. A bikes everywhere she can nowadays. And G is ever so happy to have moved from the bike-wagon up to the bikeseat on my bike. We are training left and right with A - which I have to admit is rather difficult for this mother who has never been clear on what is right and what is left... but as said, we are working on it and until we get it right we stop 5 meters before the crossover, look like 5 times and then we cross.

2. We went to the 4 year health check today. This is revolutionary stuff. We were only -5 on the weight curve!!! I know, you are not supposed to be obsessed with the curves but for a mother that has felt the knife on the throught with a weight curve around -13- - 17 ever since the first born was 3 months old, this is worth celebrating. And thus we continue with our freaking sugarfree diet here at home. Which by the way is not a challenge anymore, it is our day-to-day life. And I love it.

Over and out.

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