Friday, September 14, 2012

La vega - I'm in love!

With my Finnish (blond) friends we used to joke that when ever we felt ugly, lonely and worthless, the remedy could always be found in the veggie market in downtown Santiago. I had completely forgot that joke. But after the extasy from all the fresh fruit and vegetables settled today and I landed on my feet at the market today, I took another trip up in the air when I realized that this mama still got the magic. What can be better combo than fresh fruits&veggies and latino charmers who where more than willing to throw me a piropo as I walked by. Aaah heaven.

'Mi reina' used to be my absolute favourite piropo but today's blessing was definatelly "mi señorita". There I was with my double rings, double set of kids in the stroller just a few meters away, hubby and mother-in-law, and they still think I am just as young and attractive as ten years ago.
I will take my granny-stroller once a week with me into town and pass by the weekly remedy market. Just gotta love it.

Pictures will follow.

Oh, and I went through all Asian food stores at Patronato today- No luck with Psyllium husk, or plantago ovato as it is called in Spanish. The glutenfree empanadas are in danger now.


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