Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have made a strange observation the past two days.

As I have taken some days off from my home front duties and instead sit in on a very interesting course module on corporate responsibility,  I notice a change in the family dynamics. You would think that having been at lectures from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. would make me exhausted and the only thing I would like to do once getting home is occupying the living room couch.

Strangely enough I notice that I have more energy than ever. Yesterday I concentrated on some writings until way past midnight. Tought I would never wake up this morning. Instead, when the children started making noice, I thought I had overslept because I was in such good shape. Only 4-5 hours of sleep. Made it to school and even had 40 minutes time to study for an exam before today's lectures started.

Then again, tonight. Same phenomenon. I manage to be much sharper at night when having been away from home all day!

At the same time I look at hubby, his gloomy eyes and how he crawls to bed earlier than usual. This home front requires a looooooot of energy input.

Tomorrow we have externalized the hard job. A Spanish girl coming to see after the kids. We get a two-in-one deal: babysitting and language stimulation! Actually three-in-one: adding our own energy level still high in the evening.

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