Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patiperra in her natural environment - soon!

I will be doing the same trip again as I did when this whole blog started (My first blog post). Only for a little bit longer time. I've decided to reactive the good old days of blogging: reflections about here and there. I need to cheer up my life, and maybe this can help... Hopefully light enough for anyone interested to follow, deep enough for friends truly interested in our adventures, and balanced enough not to scare anyone off (check my latest posts here and my other blog and you might get horrified...:-))).

Anyway, I want to stress the word hopefully. My life is in constant redefinition mode currently. I cannot guarantee any sort of lightness, deepness, or balance because I am not the master of my reflections anymore. They have taken on a life of their own, and I myself get a bit jumpy sometimes (ask hubby he knows). But I'll try my best and Patiperra turns trilingual again. Topics? Well, life in the big city, daycare in another culture, ecological trends in South America, and yes, you guessed it: food.

See you here?

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