Monday, June 13, 2011

Bird scarers to let

Having a side business as a staying at home mom is never wrong. The income the state keeps you with is minimal, and support from hubby always under negotiations. No, to be an independent woman side-business is really the solution. Problem is only how to combine work with small children. After all, you are a staying at home mom, and you are supposed to be 100% dedicated to the kids. Well, I think I found the solution, an all-in-one solution. Which also means that people in Helsinki can start enjoying their summer ice cream all by themselves, without any angry birds circulating above their heads. The solution is called "A and G - the best bird scarers in town".

My kids have started a new hobby, when ever they see a bird, big or small, the run after it and scream wrooooaaaaaaa...until the bird flies away. Birdlife on our home yard used to be abundant. It is not anymore. Feel kind of sorry for the old ladies with their kitchen window towards the front yard, they must be quite bored now that the birds have emigrated to safer places.

So my business idea is to offer my kids to the city of Helsinki. The sea gulls have become a serious problem in the touristy part of the town. You can no longer eat an icecream in open air without being under attack from angry birds. My kids could take care of the problem. As they did yesterday when we went grilling at an open grill (on Seurasaari/Fölisön). The birds had no chance when the kids (and mom) started their scary bird show. WRooaaaaaaahhhhh!

There is just a small obstacle to my plan that I need to discuss with my lawyer.... Consídering the age of my kids, it will take another 10-15 years before we can start the business. Silly child labor laws...

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