Thursday, June 2, 2011

Message to Nokia

So the Finnish wonder, the savior, the great all mighty is breaking...time to reinvent, and do it fast. Rubber boots as a milking cow?

My message to Elop: make a phone that does not break after 3 months. Make a phone that can be updated with new software but else than that dures for a lifetime. I know, markets will not last forever, the fear of every programmed obsolence defender. But hey, materials are definite, consumers are getting conscious...maybe its time to scrap the crap and return to durability. And don't tell me that it is too hard, Nokia TV:s used to last for decades. I know you can, its only a matter of will...

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Softy said...

No rubber boots or tires can save us anymore. And the latest Nokia model was a joke. They woke up too late. Bye bye Finnish success! Hello Microsoft! And let it be a message to other Finnish companies what may happen when the chain of command is too strict and simply von oben. That normally doesn't enable the most creative solutions.