Monday, June 20, 2011

Wanted: wise choice restaurants...

Just as we agreed with hubby yesterday evening that we will try to avoing junk and sugar on our vacation there is a one page article in HBL today on junk food being served in almost all family destinations in Helsinki. I have also before been annoyed with the food offerings of our amusement park. I do not think it ok that sausages&french fries are the menu of (all) the day in every kiosk of the place. Of course the kids will not want any other food if this is what is being served. Good luck in trying to take them to the a la carte restaurant after having seen the fast food outside... And if it only was that one place where you are confronted with this whining marathon "Mommy I want this and that" then fine. But sugarfilled temptations are being served everywhere you turn when stepping out of your home (and the Helsinki city parks). So picking wisely your food is not really an option...I hope to see a different trend in the promised land of LCHF.

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