Sunday, February 6, 2011

A trip down memory lane

Today I have revisited some of my old neighbourhoods. Hubby went to fix his eye sight and I took the a stroll in the center of Providencia. What a nostalgy kick!

Castaño, Tavelli, Guardia Vieja, the little Plaza of Avenida Providencia where the Cepal gang used to go for a Happy Hour, the Icecream café Sebastian, the Pizzaplace. I am just breathing in the memories that appears before me. And at the hight of my nostalgy experience: a Piropo! I hear some working men whispering nice words as I walk by. Aaah, I hide my wedding ring inside my hand and feel flattered. Married, two children and this Señora still receives attention. That is very nice. Thank you!

Then, further east... Suecia. A chapter of its own. I am surprised that some of the bars still seems to be attending the public. The area does not look to inviting. But hey, did it ever? You can do wonders with latin dance music and a couple of free drinks. It was fun while it lasted.

Just another block away, our FIRST home together. I note that the Salsa Club Ile Habana still seems to be doing business. It means that the trumpet solo still can be enjoyed at 2 a.m. in our former bedroom. Wonder who the audience is nowadays? And the palm tree! The tree that once was set on fire at 5 a.m. It´s still there! Below our bedroom, there is a new little "Pizza cono bar". It looks like it attends public mostly night time - kind of Empanadium business. I start feeling very sorry for the new inhabitants of our lovely apartment. Not to mention the view they are enjoying: the new MEGA project of Cencosud - South America´s largest shopping/business center. The old houses in front of this monstrous building site seem like doll houses. At the top of my former home street I can see the spinal cord of Chile: progress and tradition, new and old, big and small. It is all about contrasts. Contrasts that push the country forward. Although I cannot see the beauty in the Cencosud project, I have to admit that I have missed these contrasts! Viva Chile!!!

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