Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marvellous Metro

We took the Metro today, me and the kids. Very convenient - from one side of the city to the other. The metro network is now 30% bigger than when we moved to Finland. I just love it! They have even installed elevators at the new metro stations now. Brilliant. On the old stations I still have act as a helpless mother and there will be at least 10 men lined up to assist in the stairs. I have never been left on the train station in Helsinki, where we have trains that are no apt for strollers. Hence, in Chile where a pregnant woman or an old lady never EVER has to stand it the bus or metro, I am sure that help will arrive at the top or bottom of the stairs.
I also liked the fact that the trains skip every second train station in rush hour. Our return took only half as long! Marvellous. Hubby´s old collegues have been doing a great job!

And this was also the premiere for my two halfbloods in a Chilean crowd. The brown eyed charmed the audience in the metro to the extent that I was afraid they would rob the strollers and everything in it.The blue eyed was offered good money for her eyes... And if I was flattered by one tiny Piropo the other day, I do not know what to say about the shower of Piropos today. To sum up: excellent excursion to Barrio Yungay/Brasil. We will do it again!

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