Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to reality...

After a couple of days of reconquisting the home, the playgrounds and supermarkets we are now ready to face the reality once again. This patiperra is going back into her motherhood-bubble, where the day is determined in laps of 2-3 hours, and where the most interesting conversation of the day can be what diseases are going around in the neighbourhood.

It is strange to be back. In the morning as I prepare the porridge the first I do is to look for the matches. HELLO! We do not have gas heated stow, its electric!!! In the night I wake up, look at the furniture in the bedroom thinking to myself "strange, this hotel has a piece of furniture exactly like the one at home - hey wait a minute, where am I?!?", only realizing that I AM at home when hubby wakes up to my mumbles and reminds me that we already got back home, three days ago...

Today we went to a winter happening in one of the local parks. The playground was crammed with families. The happening of the month... Dog-sleds, ice queen, polar bear, warm sausages, Snowman competition, fire truck. The complete set of exiting experience for kids. My kids, back in the snow, happy as ever. Well, A was happy, especially meeting up with a good friend from daycare. G...hmmm... I think he preferred the dusty Chilean playground. He can hardly stand on the icy snow and he does not understand the purpose of gloves. One place that he likes, though, is the sled. He loves it. And that is the only positive part about the snowy sidewalks. The kids can still be transported with the help of the plastic sled. Hooray, what an achievement (read irony; I reeeeaaalllly miss my bike and the Kidcar connected to it).

After four months of dense snow, the winter still continues here in Helsinki. People tell me that we are far better off now than a few weeks ago. In my head I hear myself saying: "Oh really, what is this white stuff on the ground?!? Styrox?!?!" During most of the time we've been away the mercury has shown -20 to - 30 degrees celsius. And apparently we have a lot less snow now than some weeks ago. I can understand their point and I am relieved that we could escape five weeks of this agony. I usually like the snow, but in moderate amounts and reasonable time...the record of century and 4 months of it is just too much. Hence, its hard to accept the fact: this snow is not disappering in a day or two. We will still see snow on our yard for at least another month...maybe two more months. And I do not know how my son will entertain himself in the playground during that time. But it is true, the air that I breeth has a slight touch of spring in it, there is hope that the summer will return also this year. I'll just continue inside my mommy-bubble until then!

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