Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a shock - complete memory loss in 5 weeks!

...after 5 weeks outside of the country I am struck by how quickly one forgets.

First, entering the airport of Helsinki I am completely in shock to see people in winterclothes and especially wearing winter boots. I had forgot those even exist.

Secondly, I am completely overwhelmed of the silence at the luggage hall. Helsinki international airport at 7 p.m. and you can hear a needle drop to the floor. You know you are in Finland!

The snow. They say its been melting. Really? I still see just as much snow on the side of the road as when we left. The sidewalks in our neighbourhood are not snowfree. Or maybe snowfree, but not icefree. The escaping the winter strategy did not exactly work. Let's see tomorrow how well we are off with the melting stage.

At home I am struck by how everything seems so nice and tidy. Did we really manage to leave the home in this state of excellence? Or was it our friendly neighboor that did all this (apart from getting us some food in the fridge... thank you neighbour!!).It does not take long to put it in the normal state of siege, though. 5 minutes and its all so familiar messy again!

Then I start throwing away garbage... wait a minute- we used to recycle...and I even used to sort burnable plastics from the rest. My goodness, I can't remember where to throw what. Talk about vacation!

Let's see what G says about my ecological project tomorrow as he gets a cloth diaper on his bum... No more Huggies, back to BumGenius reality for him!

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