Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in the Pacific

Japan has had an earthquake, same magnitude as that of Chile last year. Massive tsunami. I saw the movie "Hereafter" on the plane home. The tsunami scene in the beginning of the movie gave me nightmares. My thoughts go to all the Japanese that have now experienced that in real life. At the same time I am relieved that this family is back home on steady grounds.  During all the trip the thought of an earthquake was constantly present in my mind. At home, in the metro, at the shoppingcenter, at the beach, at the lake, at the metro. I was constantly in search of escape routes and emergency plans in case a major earthquake would hit. How to deal with the kids, where to run. Such natural catastrophes do not happen here at the Baltic Sea. The closest to such experience that we come was last summers thunderstorms. Nowhere near.

I hope the Japanese tsunami won't make any more damages in the Pacific than what it already did in Japan this morning.

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