Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I turn off the lights

As the nuclear plant mess in Fukushima turns yet more alarming I myself turn off the tv and the lights in our house. I remember how my dad used to get mad at us, back in the 90s. He ran hecticly around our home switching off all lights in rooms with no one in them. His retorical question to us teenagers was; Do you want a 5th nuclear power plant? As if we would have understood the meaning of it at that point . Lazy teenagers watching soap operas and MTV on the telly. Ironically enough, my husbands first job on Finnish soil was located at Olkiluoto power plant...helping to BUILD the 5th dad even encouraged him to accept the job. Talk about contradictions. Today I hear my dad's voice in my head again and I turn off the lights, maybe hoping to save us from a 6th...if only wind and sun could be the solution.

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