Monday, August 29, 2011

The c-vitamine smoothie (and a lot more)

I tried mixing some new ingredients into an exotic colorful smoothie yesterday. Since the result was more than a success (remember, successful smoothie = G drinks two glasses, A drinks one) - I had to make an extra batch to satisfy the demand - I will share this new recipee with those of you who would like to try.

4 dl rice milk
2 table spoons protein powder
2 table spoons flaxseed oil
4 carrots
0,5 dl sea buckthornberry juice
1-1,5 bananas
2 table spoons sesame seeds

Peel and shred the carrots into raw mashed carrots, using the smallest shredder you have. Mix all ingredients in a mixer for over one minute (so that the sesame seeds are well mixed into the smoothie). The amount of banans needed will depend on the amount of buckthorn juice added to the mixture, as buckthorn is quite sour.


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