Monday, August 15, 2011

Enjoying the silence!

After 10 weeks of constant noise and abruptions its wonderful to sit in a quite house. This must be like being on some kind of euforian drug - but its real! And I won't spoil the moment with writing a long post on my blog - I have 10 weeks of concentration catching up to do. I just wanted to report that the two birthday parties held for the 4 year old yesterday were more than successful. We agreed with A yesterday evening that it was the best day in her life so far. And the rest of us enjoyed it as well. I will try to add some wise choice pics and recipies later, when I have time. Right now - back to concentration mode - you never know when G decides to wake up.

This is what my hun'buns looked like this morning, ready for daycare (and softlanding):


Daniela said...

Looking forward for those recipes!!!

Patiperra said...

Coming up!