Friday, August 19, 2011

Ice Age

The nice thing about having visited the Natural History Museum yesterday is that I have no bad concious to play the Ice Age dvd in the afternoon. None whatsoever. There is a pedagogical purpose behind it all, we now connect those sceletons and stuffed animals with the true story. Because as much as I would have liked to say yes, we had those animals on our balcony when I was a kid, when A asked if I have ever seen a real dinousaur, they did go extinct just a couple of years before my birth date. Just a couple, yes I am getting old.

And since on the bus back home yesterday I was not able to explain in detail how those animals in the Museum had died, its better that she figures it our herself.

Maybe she'll get the message:
1.  Humans are evil.
2.  Sid lacks intelligence but he has a warm heart.
3.  Manny is a soft macho.
4.  Squirrels never loose hope.

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