Monday, August 8, 2011

Food revolution and breakfast routines

We are back home after a week in the wild. And I see that the author to the book "food revolution" (only in Swedish so far, Matrevolutionen) is doing his breakthrough on the international stage. See his blog on his blog Diet Doctor. I wrote about this book in Spanish back in February when I just started blogging, check the post Comida revolucionaria.

My own policy nowadays is to keep the bloodsugar stable, no peaks, no deep dips.  And this goes for all the family members. As long as we stay on line, we're having a blast, a balanced blast!

My biggest concern now is how to handle the morning routines as from next Monday. Real life approaching and we cannot sit at breacky table for an hour with a no-apetite four year old. Its a definite no-no to go to daycare without a bloodsugar friendly breakfast. Eating breakfast at daycare is not an option (so far), there'll be a dip in bloodsugar before we get there and most probably their offerings include some amout of quick carbs - that would affect her afternoon mood and back fire when we pick up the kids. So the question of the day: How to get breakfast into the body of a four year old in less than 20 minutes? Anything allowed, except force and sugar.

Today I did it by dancing to Juanes' "Tengo la camisa negra" and a porridge spoon in my hand. She did not even notice how the plate was emptied....

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