Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kitchen helpers

I've been preparing all day. It would have taken me no more than three hours, but Santa's little helpers were not really helping - and my nerves cut short of their job as well. We actually had to go outside to calm down a bit - the three of us. Otherwise I am not sure what would have happened...dangerous place, the home...

Oh oh,  this motherhood business. How do you survive without becoming insane? They say, let the children help in the kitchen. That is what a real Martha does. This Martha does not have such nerves. I get really annoyed everytime I hear or read about how children can help in the kitchen. How? How do you actually do that? My kids only want to play with knives, put their hands on the stove and taste all the ingredients and accidentally dropping them to the floor.

I kind of feel what uncle Melker must have felt when he was babysitting his granddaughter Skrållan: Check this clip - you do not need to understand Swedish to understand his frustration (Relevant part between 9:00 and 11:30):

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