Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cinderella ate my daughter (and myself)

I just surfed around and stumbled upon this book: Cinderella ate my daughter.

Based on the preview, this is a must have. A handbook for all mothers. I need to have it now!!! Hope Helmet can assist or else I'll turn to my book supplier Amazon...

To round off the day I will aslo confess that I did some serious sinning while up on the west coast. My daughter received a pink castle and four Disney princesses to go with it. Yes, I bought the stuff. Yes, I made the decision to buy - I was all alone on the Sunday flea market on the square of Vaasa (lovely invention by the way - gives Vaasa a completely new and friendly image!). The pink castle was sitting on the seat next to driver's seat all the way out to the cottage - staring at me, saying "haha, the pink princess dream won at last, you are weak!". Somewhere halfway there I decided that the pink castle was going back to the fleamarket without my daughter knowing about its existance. I hid it back in the trunk of the car. Yes I did. And my plan was to smuggle it back to Helsinki and sell it off for a higher price here.... well, that was until I met my daughter that sunny day. My heart melted and I heard myself saying: "A, come along with me, I have something to show you!". And so I took her hand, walked back to the car and opened the trunk to show her. She saw the castle, looked at me with her suspicious eyes and said "Mom, is that castle for ME?!?". You should have seen how happy she was when the answer was affirmative. It was sooooo worth it.

This is why I need to read the book about how Cinderella ate my daughter. This cannot be. I need to get equipped for future temptations!

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