Friday, August 12, 2011

The sugar guy

Here is another clip of the sugar guy, Robert Lustig.

I wrote about him as I am among the 1,5 million people that saw his 90 minute long clip on youtube called "Sugar - the bitter truth".
I can't follow his scientific talk but those things that I do understand are interesting. Like: Kids go sugarhigh on cookies, its good, then their leptin is working as it should. Obese kids never go sugar high - they go to the cupboard to look for more cookies...Their hormones are not working as they should...

Another great observation:
"when your insuline goes down, you don't crave carbs!" - Excellent hearing an expert saying that, it is my personal experience as well.

By the way, away from Lustig and to my own health....I feel like crap today - we went to eat Indian food. I though I would manage it BUT I had some nan bread and I suspect the different dishes contained wheat flour and other undigestable stuff... bad, bad, bad. Then I craved sweets and unfortunately I made the bad decision today to buy chocolate almonds for the festivities on Sunday. I thought they were low in sugar. Turns out they were very sweet. And that of course made me feel even worse. Still, it was nice to eat out for once and not having to cook... Tomorrow I will wake up with a sugar hangover. Body swelled and headache. Only nuts, avocado and eggs for this lady tomorrow!

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