Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The couch potatoe

Ok, I think lady Wise Choice had a point. I am complete beat at 9 p.m. I should have taken her advice yesterday and gone to bed at 10 p.m. Rough night and then a long day and this is the result: I have turned into a couch potatoe.

But the food today was a hit. I am still mixing wise choice with easy choice, and knowing me I will continue to do so for quite some time. But the whole family started off the day with a spinach smoothie today. I would have prepared something else, but we did not have any other ingredients.

For dinner, I prepared chickpea burgers. The local grocery store did not have tamari, they did not even know what it was. But helpful as always, they googled it for me only to find out that it is similar to soy sauce. I bought ecological soy sauce instead.  The burgers were good, I liked the taste of chickpeas blended with coco nut oil. G ate them all as well. Hubby did not have a second plate...which makes me a bit hesitant on his tastebuds in this case (he usually empties all pots and pans). A went for the quinoa instead. Ever since we introduced quinoa to her diet, she has been eating all of it. Its over a week now. She never eats all potatoes...And potatoes do not even have much nutrients in them.

Then, as I had promised A that we would bake, I had to fulfill my promise although already then my body was screaming for the couch. We made the chocolate muffins without sugar, wheat flour, butter or baking powder. And the muffins turned out excellent; sweet and tasty! A had two of them - just to show how good they were. The trick? Well, almonds instead of wheat flour, dates instead of sugar, some sunflower oil, cacao powder and whipped eggs, decorated with bananas. Yum! As I said in Swedish on Facebook, it feels so good to feed the little ones with sweets that are not filled with crap! I do not have to feel bad about giving a muffin (and some unsweetened soy yogurt) as the last meal before bedtime! Wise choice, yes definatelly!

In my next post I'll put the recipies of today. In Swedish, because this potatoe is too tired to translate...


Softy said...

Hey! Chickpea burgers sound yummy!
The reason why tamari is "better" than regular soy sauce is because it doesn't contain any wheat so gluten intolerant people can also use it. They say it's like the original soy sauce. The taste is exactly the same in my mouth. But since I am completely wheat free I use tamari.
I love your friendly staff at the store! :)

Mia said...

And they were - but note: small tummies might have problems! G had severe stomach pain in the night. Will be more careful with peas, lenses and beans in the future!