Saturday, May 28, 2011

Patiperra out and about

Patiperra has discovered something painful. She is not in such shape as when her middle name was "reina de Suecia" (not the country but the name of the party street in Santiago back in the early 2000) and she had resistance to industrial quantities of drinks.

Yesterday I went out to see a very good friend who I have not seen in a long time. I felt lost in town. Pathetically enough, on the way to our meeting point, I walked the disability passages. Hello! I was not accompanied by a stroller, might as well take the stairs! I was also amazed to see the city life. I hardly visit the city center anymore, and if I do, my eyes are on the little ones, not on our surroundings. So it was kind of a rediscovery of the beauty of this town....

Anyway, I had a drink, I had two. We had some wine. Lucky for us, the bartender was the slowest and clumsiest in town, otherwise we could have ended up with even more wine before the bar closed. Yes, bar closed. I was out until the bar closed. I never realized time flew so fast. In sum, we had a lot to cover and it was fun.

Today I have been painfully aware of how much time had flown, and how out of practice I am. After five hours of sleep I was supposed to render full with a one year old and a three year old. The day has been a pain but now it is all over. Kids are sleeping and tomorrow I will be back in shape. My glory days as the queen of the night are long gone, instead I joyfully take on the role of the queen of the hill in our princess games here at home!

But I have two words for you: Rhuba Martini. It rocks.

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