Sunday, May 22, 2011

Patiperra goes Nice-ten.

Tomorrow patiperra faces the challenge of 10 kilometers in the streets of Helsinki, together with six other moms from the hood. I signed up for this event in January, hoping to find the motivation needed to get my butt out in the dark, snowy, slippery and cold streets of Helsinki. I failed. Then I hoped to find the motivation off the Pacific coast during our summer holiday in February. I failed. I promised myself that on April 1st there were no more excuses, there was no more ice on the streets and the evenings were not dark anymore. I failed. After Easter holiday; that's when I was really about to start my training for the 10k. Well no, failed again. Started blaming my diet. No carbohydrates, made it impossible to get myself on the move...Then, suddenly 10 days before the run, I find the perfect time and the motivation. Now I have been out running exactly five times in the past 10 days. Nowhere near the 10 kilometers due tomorrow, but still I have prepared, and I am ready to meet the challenge. Patiperra says: bring it on!

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