Saturday, May 14, 2011

Diana, Mohamed and Oskar

I just had a nice Saturday afternoon siesta. You just got to love it when the whole bunch decides to sleep at the same time, in the middle of the day, without any fuzz. Well, the fuzz we had in the morning, two very cranky kids and the same goes for the supposedly two adults in the family. Good thing we got to neutralize that state of emergency. There is still hope for the remaining part of the day (and I am still wearing a pyjama, may I add...14:29 on the computer clock).

To start of the new beginning of the day I log into Finnish prime news source; Iltalehti and what do I fid out...there are three names in the headline news that linger in my mind.

Paradise Oskar is having a hectic day down in Dusseldorf. Hardly any sleep. But that's no problem for him, he is not competing anyway. Its just a festival. I like his attitude, actually more than his song, and that is why I hope he'll do well in tonights Eurovision song contest. Go dam dam dam, or what was the songs name again?

Then we have the new revealing documentary on Diana. It wasn't an accident, it was a set up and it was her father-in-law that arranged it all. As a true believer of conspiracy theories, my first reaction is that this documentary director is probably right. I can't see how the English monarchy would be so alive and kicking if it wasn't for the fact that Diana has been dead for over 14 years now.  They were the ones to gain from her death. ´But the question is, who cares and who truly believes? Its been 3 weeks since half of the world was preoccupied with the royal wedding of the year. And to finish of my reflections on this theme I'll link a nice picture that is circulating on FB these days. Due natural development stages this family is currently a Disney Princess movie junky and I found this picture more than amusing. Well, the word natural in front of development can be debated, my conspiracy instinct says its much more about Disney's successful child marketing campaign...

And so the last topic from Iltalehti; Mohamed. No, not Diana's lover but Mohamed as in a Finnish citizen taking a cruise to Estonia the other day, and almost being brutally strangled by a drunk off-duty security guard. Because "the True Finns are right, you damn Somalis do not belong in this country". Luckily the other cruise passangers managed to get the beast off poor Mohammed, who by the has been living 22 years in Finland and is working as a store manager somewhere in Finland. But hello!!! Finland wake up!!! We need to do something about this, it can't continue. I have already heard of more than five more or less serious incidents since the election. For me it is not a question of whether the aggressions are serious, dangerous or less serious, dangerous. For me it is about respect for other human beings and the basic understanding that you do not hurt others. This is what I try to teach even my one year old. What is wrong in this society when an adult man with the profession of security guard (!) thinks its ok to strangle another adult man just because the True Finns gained votes in the elections! First of all, I find it very alarming that the guy is a security guard when not drunk on a cruise to Estonia. How are his primitive instincts refelcted when on guard? I just wonder. Secondly, Finns are known to turn aggressive when having a beer or two, so how many more of these stories exist out there but they just have not been told to the public. Let the public know abuot these things! Take these idiots to court! Make sure they are marked for life. That is the only way stop this train, make these idiots understand that they are the ones who have the wrong attitudes, they are the ones who (by law) will  have to change!

To finish of in a positive spirit, I return to Paradise Oskar's lyrics about the smart little Peter:

I’m going out in the world to save our planet
And I ain’t comin back until she’s saved
I’ll walk my way to see the King and parliament
If they don’t help I’ll do it by myself

Good luck Peter and Paradise Oskar! What the world needs is more of your sort of people!

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