Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just a few reflections

Went to the hypermarket again (I try to avoid the place, and still I always end up lost in the endlessly long aisles, its like a nightmare...). To its defense; found tamari now that I knew where to look for it. I also got all the other ingredients that I thought I would have to go to Ruohonjuuri to find. I am sad the profits go to the green (monopolized) conglomerate and not to the grassroot organization - but being a small children parent I have to look for easy solutions... Anyway, funny thing was that at the frozen broccoli aisle (yes, the hypermarket is so big that it could have one aisle only for broccoli - but as usually I am exaggerating a bit here), I met some good friends of ours. There we stand with our frozen broccoli in our hands talking about the Wise Choice book. New trend in the hood, me like!

I just sent off an email that has kept me sleepless in the past 2-3 months. Done. Cannot be undone anymore. I hope I did the right (wise) choice. I'll return to this theme at some point because I could write a book about this issue. But right now is not the time to start reflecting on the theme. Time will tell.

Today we're going to have a grillparty with the families from daycare in a local park. I guess everyone else is bringing sausages and juice/lemonade. I am planning to make herb salmon for the grill and some "picka-vatten" (mineralwater) to drink for the kids. Lets see if A is fine with such non-party food...

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