Sunday, May 29, 2011

Proud of myself - so far, so good!

Lately my nerves have not been the best. That is why I am particularly proud of my behavior today. I did not pick one single fight with my kids. Not one. Good mommy, that is the way to go. Because, hand on heart here, how many times aren't those major world crisis quarrels with the small ones at least partly because of the parent's attitudes? It takes two to tango. In the case of A and I, I completely agree. Two strong women, both wanting to have the last word. Is it so strange that we are regularly caught in the cross fire of our stubborn wills?

Hubby left for his own patiperro ventures in the Arab world today.  He was mostly worried of the lack of beer in the Emirate offerings... When actually he should have been more worried about the store offerings back home... Because A, G and I have to sort out our indifferences on our own in the next few days. As said, it started off well - there is hope! Still, I am a bit worried because we did not make it to the grocery store yesterday nor today - we are eating off the reserves in the freezer - which means that there is no suitable breakfast for myself tomorrow and I am balancing on a thin thread with only oatmeal porridge for the kids... Its a thin thread and I better make it tasty so that we make it out to the store before the hunger hits my own temper...Nuts, that is what I will eat. Nuts, what a great invention!

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