Saturday, July 23, 2011

About changing lifestyle

Here I am. Alone in the house as I asked for a day off today. The rest of the family went to check out the animals at the zoo. And I have been trying to get a grip of the new lifestyle. The lifestyle without sugar and starch. Yesterday I threw all our sugar products in the garbage. I packed away all pasta and wheat flour in a plastic bag, cannot throw away yet - will try to donate to someone who uses these ingredients.

While investigating internet stores that sell seeds, nuts, oils and special flour I receive a message from the zoo. It is a picture of A, eating an immense icecream. Define irony. I feel a bit deceived by hubby and after a bitchy response from my side I do calm down. In my defense I tell myself that I would not be me if I would not overreact and let hubby know about it as well.

I get my head out of the radical no-sugar lifestyle literature and start boiling the cheak peas (2 kilos of them, yes I am nuts...) and I start defining a manifesto that would work for us - a family that after all is quite normal, no allergies, no dysfunctions, no special needs. We do not need to be radical, as long as we eat healthy non-starch and no-sugar based food at home and we minimize the days when we eat products containing sugar. This should be enough to maintain a good bloodsugar level. At home we will eat and offer sweets with natural sweetners (dates and bananas etc) while in other social constellations we will continue being normal, no freaks... I think hubby can accept this way of thinking as well.

To have that healthy food and the sweets always readily available when needed will be a challenge in itself. Avoiding sugar basically means that you do everything yourself. My relation with the kitchen will have to change. It must become a joy to stand there next to the stove, although it never has been. And it must be shared with hubby, otherwise it will never work. To make it work the key word is PLANNING. And that is what I am trying to do, plan ahead. But instead of making myself useful on internet I surf around without a specific goal.

I do not think this is absolutely hopeless. It just takes time to get a hang of it. And looking back two months, we've been doing fairly well. Oatmeal porridge for breakfast, sometimes combined with a smoothie, healthy lunch, nuts and fruits in the afternoon, healthy dinner and then a smoothie before bed. Still, I need more inspiration and support. I need a cooperative of people doing the same, giving support. Because it would just be so easy to sit back and continue with the old life... on the otherhand, I would never ever like to go back to those mood swings of mine. No, there is no way back, so this better work.

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