Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet treats without sugar, flour and milk products!

Some inspiration for those of you out there thinking about how get rid of pure sugar in your food:


Ruby Red
2 cups of soy, rice or oatmeal milk
1 cup of frozen strawberries or raspberry (no sugar added)
water melon
peppermint herbal leaves
1 spoon of protein powder (without aspartame)
5 cashew nuts (optional)

Mix all ingredients, and enjoy!

Sweet dreams
2 cups soy, rice, oatmeal milk
1 banana
5 almonds
5 pieces of frozen spinach
some cinnamon
Flaxseed oil (aceite de linaza) (optional)

Mix all ingredients, and enjoy!

Think toffee
2 cups soy, rice or oatmeal milk
1 banana
5 dates (without seeds)
10 cashew nuts
protein powder (without aspartame!)
Vanilla powder (without sugar, only the powder)

Mix all ingredients, and enjoy!

If you want to make icecreams, just get those icecream forms that you can make juice ice cream in and poor the smoothie into them. Takes about 1-2 h to freeze. Yam!

Other Wise Choice success stories in our house have been:

Waffles or pancakes
1 cup almonds
1 cup coco nut flakes
1 cup oatmeal or soy cream
4 egg
coco nut oil

Mix almonds and coco flakes to powder, add cream and eggs. Suggested waffle iron for frying but I have used a normal frying pan with a little bit more of coco nut oil to not make it stick. Don't flip the pancakes too fast as they will then fall apart.
You can serve with (unsweetened) berries, bananas or chopped dark chocolate and some agave syrup if you want it to be sweeter (I skip the syrup).

Banana and almond muffin (10-12 muffins)
200 gram almonds
1 small cup (dl) of buckwheat (bovete) flour/flakes (if you can't find buckwheat, use oatmeal instead)
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 egg
1 fine shredded apple
2 mashed bananas

Oven on 200 degrees celsius. Mix almonds and buckwheat to flour. Add baking powder. Add eggs and fruits and cinnamon. Blend to an even batter and distribute in muffin forms. Decorate with bananas or walnuts on top (I normally skip this). Bake 15 minutes in oven.

Chocolate muffins (8 muffins)
100 gram almonds
1,5 dl dates without seeds
0,5 dl cacao (more if you like chocolate)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
4 eggs

Oven on 200 degrees celsius. Mix almonds to flour. Add dates and mix. Add cacao and oil. Whip eggs separately so that they become white and fluffy. Add eggs to flour mix.  Distribute in muffin forms and bake in middle of oven in 15 minutes.

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