Friday, July 29, 2011

Becoming a mother

Exactly four years ago, I had enterd into the final countdown. In a matter of minutes I was going to become a mother. Like it or not.

I still remember that first look at my baby girl. The news about our baby being a girl sinking in. Her outrageous cry (we would get more of that later on in life, much more) which got my mother instincts to pump out hormones in my blood. The birth of a mother, in just a few seconds after the birth of a baby girl.

Its been a beautiful road traveled so far during the past four years together. Many anecdotes, many challenges. But I will not ventilate those here, it would not be fare to our girl. I'll just tell you that our girl is simply the best in the world and I am proud to get to celebrate her 4th birthday tomorrow together with her. A, you rock this planet!

For myself the motherhood has taken me into completely new dimensions of life, which also can be noted in this blog. Starting from cloth diapers (thanks to a friend that introduced me to the concept, those were not so common four years ago), breastfeeding techniques, how to make a baby eat (still haven't figured that one out, will I ever?), how to make a child eat healthy stuff, how to combine family with work, and becoming a networking mother in a local Martha association (never ever saw that coming).

Now four years later motherhood is the most natural thing in the world to me. I have learned how to deal with the role and I have also learned a lot about myself (especially about my own temper, anger management!). But I remember those early days with an infant in my arms - so unsecure. Calling friends to ask if the pacifier should stay in the mouth or should I take it out once she had fallen asleep? Changing those first diapers, learning how to do it. Or just how to hold a baby, my own baby!

As a woman, you're not born to be a mother. It is your child that teaches you. I've read countless books on how to bring up a child, and still, the best teacher as always been my own child. No book in the world can explain what works and what not in the way my own child does. Direct response. No mercy. But also appreciation and a lot of happiness!

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