Sunday, July 24, 2011


Shocked about the news from Norway. Today the flags are on half-mast here in Finland. It is a painful sight to see all those blue and white flags all around the city. We have also today found out that our own new member of parliament Mr. Jussi Halla-aho is cited in the psykopat's manifesto. Mr. Halla-aho is the person that has become known in Finland through his blog, which is outspokenly anti-Swedish speaking and anti-foreigners, anti-multiculture in Finland. It was mostly his statements that made me concerned when I wrote my reflections after the elections here in April (read for example: Pandora's box, Junttilandia).

In my blog post about Junttilandia I note that the public's anger towards minorities can already be noted as violent acts by those who think that the True Finn's victory in the elections justified direct action on the street. What happened in Norway on Friday is like taken from a horror movie about how far the hatred can go. My heart bleed for all affected families.

The only good thing that I can see coming out of this is that this is a serious wake up call for everyone up here in the north. Those who voted for True Finns in April, and especially those who got Halla-Aho into the government: On which side of the line do you stand? Are you going to continue to support this insanity? If it happened in Norway, it can happen here as well. We have already two school shootings in our records. And the recipee for a repition of Norway is now effectively being spread over the fabulous almighty world-wibe-web - just a clic away for all psycopats in this world. Exactly like the perpetrator wanted it - efficiently spread with the news frenzy following such deed.

Another point which is very sad is that when something unexpected and tragic like this happens, the media goes crazy and the evening press profitability skyrockets. I have a really hard time accepting the sensationality spread in the evening press; big headlines, shocking pictures, the stuff. And it is even worse when I note that the whole edition is sold out on a Saturday afternoon in the big hypermarket. Tragedy sells. This time, I have deliberately avoided tv-news (and evening press) - both for my own and the kids sake. Live pictures are just too much to handle. That is why I like the flag on half mast today, it gives a solemn counterposition to the sensations in the evening press. It gives us the possibility to personal reflections, without intermediaries from the press.

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