Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Limbo mode

I am still in a limbo mode. Not here nor there. Definatelly not thinking about what to blogg about next. I guess that is healthy. Or is it... The truth is that I am too stuck on the revealing stories on sugar addictions and the affects of chemicals on our longterm health (Just saw the movie "Submission - in the defense of the unborn"). And, since I have already distinguished myself as a complete FREAK during all past social gatherings (not to forget the heavy debating taking place during the Midsummer dinner...and the Midsummer boat trip.... and the Midsummer cottage trip - my brother and I have always been good at debating, I'll give him a tiny bit of credit for my national debating champion title back in 1996, but hey bro if you read this: note the word TINY), my brain is really working high speed to get back on track of normality.

So here is the conversation I have with myself regarding blogging: Patiperra should really dedicate her time to writing about her surroundings, easy going reading - like what I did while touristing in Chile. No, wait a minute, there is just so much out in the news these days on sugar, bread consumption, changing lunch habits and the fear of  Asparthame that I simply cannot be writing light blog postings while googling and youtubing the heavy stuff. Then I usually end upp saying to myself: Hey, please get a life and start thinking about real day-to-day issues! Good thing this limbo mode is soon coming to an end. I can't wait starting the daycare training with G. Being a blogging housewife forever is just not my thingy.

So today this housewife has distinguished herself as the housewife she currently is: Restored the green herbal oasis on our balcony, cleaned stroller, cleaned bicycle wagon, cleaned freezer, prebooked ecological strawberry picking in the countryside tomorrow, investigating all my books on wise-choice recipies (especially breakfast to oatmeal porridge protesting kids). Oh yes, I can boogey - boogey the household!

By the way, my sudden idea to clean the stroller originates from Stockholm. The city was filled with trendy, CLEAN Bugaboo strollers. Our own four year old stroller (which luckily, and exceptionally, was not with us in Stockholm) started feeling very very worn down and filthy after seing all the top notch buggies. Hence, I promised myself to get it cleaned when back home. After cleaning it today I just came to the conclusion that those "latte-mothers" in Sweden must be using their trendy strollers only for Sunday strolls. They must have a second hand worn down stroller for the hardcore usage during the week... or then they just drive the car during the week... Because there is no cloth, water or detergent in this world that can make our beautiful stroller shine like those Swedish strollers. No matter how maney hockey games we win, the grass just always ends up so much greener on the other side of the Baltic (irony). But then again, what Bugaboo in this world has been true the same adventures as ours? Few I believe. It better consider itself lucky, our Patiperro Bugaboo.

Oh, and by the way, I learned how to adjust the break today. After four years of keeping the buggy steady on the bus floor with my arm (you should see my arm muscles!), I finally learned how the damn break can be adjusted. About time.

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